Want to become a KarmaHub Sponsor Business? Pledge 1%

KarmaHub makes giving back easy and accessible. 

Businesses who enroll in the KarmaHub Ecosystem provide mission driven Non Profit Organizations with the volunteers, and resources they so desperately need!

There are two ways in which businesses can participate in the KarmaHub Ecosystem

Consumer Facing Businesses pledge to honor Karma Tokens generated by KarmaHub Volunteers as discounts of up to 1% of their previous sales revenue into the KarmaHub Ecosystem. 

Non-Consumer Facing Businesses have the option to pledge up to 1% of their previous years profits into the KarmaHub Volunteers Fund, which is distributed annually back to Non Profits who partake in the KarmaHub Ecosystem.

How does KarmaHub work for a Consumer Facing Retail Business?

A Consumer Facing Retail Businesses pledges to match up to 1% of their previous year’s revenue as discounts offered at your various points of sale.

Whenever a coupon is presented at the point of sale , the discount honored, and  a processing fee of 1% of the value of the coupon is automatically  paid to KarmaHub.

A business who generates $100K in sales per a year, would pledge to donate $1,000 of their products and services into the KarmaHub Ecosystem,

Take a look at “Pete’s Pizza” to see how it all works!.

How does KarmaHub work for a Non-Consumer Facing Business?

While Consumer Facing Businesses pledge 1% of their revenue into the KarmaHub Ecosystem, Non-Consumer Facing Businesses have the opportunity to pledge 1% of their profits as a cash, tax-deductible donation*, which is disbursed equally to the 501c3 Non Profit Organizations that are the back bone of the KarmaHub Ecosystem. 

A business who generates $100K in profit in a year, would pledge to donate $1,000 in to the KarmaHub Volunteers Fund.

At the end of the year, the total balance of this fund is distributed to the Non Profits who partake in the KarmaHub Ecosystem, as a factor of volunteer hours their specific organization versus all volunteer hours served in the KarmaHub Ecosystem as a whole.

So for example, if there is $1 Million in the fund, and one organization provided 1% of all hours Volunteered in the KarmaHub Ecosystem, they would receive a donation of $10,000 from the fund. The remaining 99% would be distributed in the same fashion to other organizations in the Ecosystem.

*Tax implications vary depending on what type of participant you are in the KarmaHub Ecosystem. Please consult your tax professional regarding your unique situation prior to registering for the KarmaHub Ecosystem.

Visit our FAQ for more information on tax implications inside the KarmaHub Ecosystem.

Volunteering is about
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Volunteering is about to became a whole lot more rewarding.


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