Our Team: "The KarmaHub Braintrust"

The KarmaHub Braintrust is composed of a group of professionals from various backgrounds who’ve come together to help develop a truly unique ecosystem that unites Volunteers, Non Profit Organizations and Sponsor Businesses for the greater, greater good!

Adam Stewart
Founder & CEO

Platform Architect, Seasoned Large-Scale Live Events & Music Festival Producer

  With nearly 20 Years of Experience in the Live Events & Music Entertainment Industry, Adam has been a lover of music, live-events and the creative process stretching far back into his youth growing up in Northern, New Jersey. His resume includes the full CBS/Viacom portfolio. and freelance endeavors with Conde Nast, AEG Presents, Fox Networks, and various others of the like. Adam has always strived to bring people together in unique and innovative ways and has a wide range of technical and logistics production expertise, having overseen hundreds productions ranging from red carpets to music festivals and nearly everything in between. In 2018, shortly after stepping down from his career to pursue a new freelance path, Adam found himself traveling in Italy, where he met his wife Kate and just days later the notion of KarmaHub was born.
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Kate Muratova-Stewart
Co-Founder & Visionary Director

Communications and Linguistic Expert. Lifelong Student of Philosophy and Educator.

Holding a master’s degree in language arts, and maintaining fluency in 5 languages, Kate has been has been facilitating international communication since 2008, and has recently completed her RYT200 International Yoga Teacher Certification. Her CV includes 8 years of teaching English at the university level in her home city of Krasnoyarsk Russia, translation services for Get Your Guide (Germany), as well as Zoo Digital (USA), where she has translated various series and shows for Netflix, the History Channel as well as boutique fitness brands. Kate has also served as a live in-room translator at multiple international and economic forums including OSCE Observers during the 2018 Presidential Elections, and the 2019 Krasnoyarsk International Business Forum. She also provided various oral and written translations for the 2019 Universiade Winter Games.  In 2018, while traveling and working in Florence Italy, Kate came upon the simple notion after volunteering her time in one of the local communities, “What if there was a way for the Business World to give back to the Volunteers and the Non-Profits they serve in a unique and systematic way?”  With that vision, came along the structural concept for the KarmaHub.app.
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Graham Turner
Brand Marketing & Communications Advisor

Creative Branding & Advertising Expert with decades of experience working alongside major brands.


Graham is a well-known and highly respected Creative Director who has served as a Creative Head at some of the world’s most revered advertising agencies, creative boutiques and branding firms, including TBWA, Chiat/Day, Y&R, JWT, Ogilvy, and Siegel & Gale, producing an extraordinary breath of award-winning work for many of the leading brands and companies in almost every product/service category. Graham co-created the now culturally iconic advertising campaign for Absolut Vodka, the longest-running and most prolific campaign in advertising history. He has created work for global powerhouse brands like American Express, directed communications for the philanthropic endeavors of ExxonMobil, and established once-obscure niche brands like Burt’s Bees. As a consultant, Graham’s wealth of experience and talents as a copywriter, designer, and communications strategist have more recently been brought to bear on work for the healthcare industry, state government, various digital platforms, and a wide range of consumer products from cannabis to skin care, to pet care, to home care. Throughout his career, Graham has volunteered not only his own talents and time, but also those of the agencies he has led, to work on numerous public service communications projects and charitable endeavors for entities such as the Partnership to End Addiction (fka The Partnership for a Drug-Free America, for which he also served on the Creative Council for 15 years) and the National Council on Disability.
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Brian Lacy
Philanthropic Business Advisor

Leading successful fundraising efforts in the US and Canada for over thirty years.


Brian Lacy has been leading successful fundraising efforts in the US and Canada for over thirty years. Best known for revitalizing annual and sustaining giving programs and providing a vast portfolio of leading-edge fundraising tools, Brian’s clients consistently exceed expectations and defy the national trends of declining participation and slow growth. Brian has been recognized in major philanthropic media as among the top consultants to the nonprofit world repeatedly over the years and he has presented numerous times at conferences of the Council for Advancement and Support of Education, the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Apra, and other venues throughout the US and Canada. Prior to forming the firm in 2018, Brian had led fundraising programs at Trent University, St. Francis University, Kent State University, and the University of Connecticut after working at his alma mater, The University of Toronto. Today, Brian works directly with over 100 institutions across North America annually.
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Jay Frost
Philanthropic Business Advisor

Bringing together people, ideas, and resources to fuel positive change in the world as a grantmaker, fundraiser, consultant, and serial social entrepreneur.

Jay is one of the leading voices in the fundraising field. He has been recognized as one of America's Top 10 Fundraising Experts by Philanthropy Media, one of the Top Eight Fundraising Influencers by Elevation Media, one of the Top Nonprofit Fundraising Consultants by Double the Donation, and one of the Top 100 Charity Influencers by Onalytica. A popular speaker, trainer, facilitator, and fundraising coach, Jay has addressed hundreds of meetings in the US, UK, Canada, Asia, and the Middle East. He has been described as “a master of innovation” and “a beacon of light and inspiration” whose “humor filled and thought provoking” talks, trainings, and consults leave groups “energized and informed.”  As Senior Consultant at Brian Lacy and Associates, Jay advises charitable organizations at all stages of their resource development efforts, from startup phase through capital campaigns.
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Phoebe Flemming
Non Profit Founder & Advisor

Non Profit Founder, Educator & Dietitian in the Public Health Space

Phoebe is a Registered Dietitian and Educator by trade. Most of her career has been spent working for or with the non-profit sector. Having always focused her career on nutrition and agriculture, she aims to include food access and education along with equity and sustainability in all facets of her work.. Alice Waters once said; “Teaching kids how to feed themselves and how to live in a community responsibly is the center of an education.” She believes this holds true for all members of society and Is excited to share her skills and passions as she helps Karma Hub bring other non-profits together. She has traveled to many parts of the world working to bring people with like- minded views together through food, art and agriculture. There is not an animal she has not made friends with and her three terriers Grady, Fitzpatrick and Champ Jorge are just as inspired by traveling as she is. They love calling Central, Vermont “home” and enjoy each season to the fullest. Phoebe is grateful and excited to be a part of the Karma Hub movement
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Sean Callum
Blockchain & Tech Advisor

Expert in IT/Enterprise, Telecom & Software Deployment. Co-Author of KarmaHub Karma Tokens White Paper

With over 20 years’ experience working in various tech sectors ranging from IT/Enterprise Support, Telecom, and Software deployment, Sean currently works as the Director of Pre-sales at Incadea GmbH which is one of the largest Dealer Management System suppliers globally. By leveraging today’s technologies and pushing for a clear path within the unique market area, Sean has to look at emerging technologies between different API integrations and blockchain technologies to drive software and businesses into the future to aide the needs of the various markets worked in.
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Marvin Lücke
International Economics Advisor

International Economics Studies and Theory. C0-Author of KarmaHub / Karma Token White Paper

Mr. Lücke is 25 years old German Business student with a degree Bachelor of Economics and is currently pursuing his MBA. He specializes in banking and the capital market (execution, law and behavioral finance), micro and macro economics, business informatics (Social Media Management and digital service infrastructure) and as well B2B marketing. During his studies he was researching the behavioral finance of retail stock investors in terms of WireCard. This financial transaction company is known for being the biggest fraud and money laundring machinery within Germany after 2nd world war. Through that knowledge Mr. Lücke understands the importance of transparency between stake and share holders within a credit card company. His goal is to create a ecosystem which is transparent, safe and unique in todays economics. His understanding for financial behavior and money and risk management systems will help KarmaHub to (indetify needs of investors, business partners and volunteers);(create it’s own unique ecosystem with the use of Blockchain Technology). While backpacking three different continents over the past three years Mr. Lücke generated a huge understanding of opportunities, chances and needs of volonteers and NPO's world wide. The understanding of how Generation Z and Millenials travel and volunteer at the same time, will help KarmaHub to expend there operations world wide.
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Frank Brescia
Business Advisor
Startup Founder and Coach
Meet Frank, Chairman at Alunna, a groundbreaking EdTech platform, and a seasoned healthcare executive. Frank is a growth consultant, global business development professional, and a senior-level healthcare specialist
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Mitch Gold
Peacemaker / Spiritual Advisor
Peacemaker. Spiritual Advisor. Founder of Home Planet University. Decades long advocate for world peace and global solutions via the U.N Office of the Future.
Mitch is a passionate advocate for peace, dedicating his efforts to promoting harmony in numerous spheres, such as United Nations and Native American tribal projects. Additionally, he is a global-minded, forward-thinking individual who has created an all-encompassing program aimed at effecting positive change through the diverse initiatives under HomePlanet.
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Jason Neely
Live Events and Marketing Advisor

Event Marketing and Production Expert, 12 Years producing live events.

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, Jason is a seasoned authority in event marketing and production. With a wealth of experience in orchestrating music and food festivals across diverse events, he has not only honed his expertise but also solidified his commitment to volunteering and community engagement. Since its inception, Jason has been an unwavering advocate and champion of the KarmaHub initiative, exemplifying his dedication to giving back to communities.
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