Karma Tokens 101

Karma Tokens are ‘Thank You’s’ for good deeds well done!

Every time you volunteer at a KarmaHub Certified Non Profit Organization, One Karma Token is generated and send to your KarmaHub account.

Karma Tokens are equal in value to the minimum wage in the location where the Volunteering event occurred, and can be used at any of our partners storefronts or eCommerce sites regardless of their location.

Karma Tokens work just like coupons, and can be combined in unlimited amounts good for big discounts for at any of our Sponsor Businesses!  

You can even transfer your Karma Tokens to others in the Karma Farm, where good deeds are planted and grown!

Learn more about Karma Tokens and how it all works in the video below.

Volunteering is about
to become even more rewarding.

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Volunteering is about to became a even more rewarding.


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