The Karma Farm amplifies impact by coordinating cause driven volunteer efforts.

Organize a Karma Campaign to set a collective goal for your group of friends or organization.

All Karma Tokens earned from those collective efforts are then placed towards a singular Karma Cause.  

Take a look at the example below to see how you will be able to plant seeds for good in the Karma Farm!

Let's see how Mary's friends used the Karma Farm to help her fly home to be with her Grandmother.

Mary’s Grandmother has dementia and it is getting progressively worse. 

She wants nothing more than to fly home and spend time with her before her memories begin to fade away forever, but she knows she can’t afford a flight. This is an example of a Karma Cause.

Mary’s friends know how much her Grandmother means to her, so they decide to rally behind her and start a Karma Campaign around Mary’s Karma Cause.

Over the weekend long Karma Campaign, The group of friends collectively volunteer 50 hours at various Partner Non Profit Organizations across several different states.  

50 Karma Tokens are generated and deployed on behalf of Mary’s Karma Cause and is now able to convert the Karma Tokens into a $500 KarmaHub QR Code (50 total hours x ~$10 discount per hour) which can be applied as discount on her flight home through the KarmaHub Business Partner Airline. 

The flight is $550 total.  Mary receives the $500 discount from the Airline, pays the $50 difference along with tax, and is able to go home to spend time with her Grandmother

In the Karma Farm, you can combine an unlimited number of individual and unique volunteer opportunities into one singular Karma Cause and see the results instantly!