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Are you a non-profit organization looking for a platform to find reliable and passionate volunteers?

Look no further than KarmaHub!

Our platform is designed to help non-profit organizations like yours find volunteers with the skills and interests to match your needs.

With the added benefit of rewarding volunteers with Karma Tokens that can be redeemed for products and services from major brands, volunteering has never been more rewarding for your volunteers.

Join us in our mission to make a difference for the greater, greater good!

What are the Requirements to Join KarmaHub as a Non Profit Organization?

KarmaHub Certified Non Profit Organizations Pledge to do their part on behalf of the greater, greater good! 

All Non Profit Organizations enrolled in the KarmaHub Ecosystem have pledged to ensure the accuracy of volunteer hours served on behalf of their organization using the KarmaHub Web App.

When registering, organizations are  required to:

  • Upload a logo or image of your organization (PNG or JPEG).
  • Certify their organization’s basic information as it appears on IRS form 1023.
  • Estimate the total volunteer hours your organization will require in the following 12 months, based on your previous years needs.
  • Provide your organizations most up to date form 990 (990, 990-N, 990-EZ, etc).

All of this information will be made viewable in the KarmaHub Non Profit Directory where your organization will be able to create volunteer events,  manage your volunteer needs!

Please note, during the KarmaHub Beta Test, all participating organizations must be 501c3’s operating in the United States of America and file form 990 (with some exceptions).

International Non Profits, and Non-990 filing Non Profits will be able to partake in the KarmaHub Ecosystem’s phase two launch.

Volunteering is about
to become even more rewarding.

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Volunteering is about to became a whole lot more rewarding.

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