KarmaHub's mission is to build a greater, greater good!

At KarmaHub, we believe that the world isn’t such a broken place.

And despite the desire to “doom-scroll” or obsess over the evening news, there is a lot of good out there… much more than most would realize!

In fact, there are currently more than 1.8 Million Non-Profit Organizations operating in the United States, each pursuing their own clearly defined missions for good.

These are the organizations who are actively feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, cleaning our oceans, and helping those less fortunate — and they’re often doing so without the hands and resources they so desperately need!

Imagine the impact we could have if we all worked together!

Non Profit Organizations have pledged their most honest intentions into their causes, and sacrificed countless hours in pursuit of keeping their missions in focus and achieving their goals.

Our mission is to amplify the efforts of America’s Non-Profit Organizations by providing them with the Volunteers and  resources they in a low-cost, high-trust platform that connects Volunteers, Non-Profits and Sponsor Businesses in a mutually beneficial economy for good.

KarmaHub is here to take everyone’s efforts and align them in a new kind of way.

KarmaHub brings Volunteers, Non-Profit Organizations, and Businesses together in a mutually beneficial economy for good!

Each hour of volunteering at any KarmaHub Certified 501c3 Non-Profit Organization is rewarded with a digital Karma Token, worth around $10* at any of our Partner Brands.

Karma Tokens can be redeemed or gifted to others in unlimited amounts via The Karma Farm, for huge discounts on everything from plane tickets to pizza and everything in between!

*Karma Tokens are anchored to the official minimum wage in the location of any KarmaHub Certified Volunteering Event


Volunteering is about
to become even more rewarding.

Learn more and join the KarmaHub Waitlist as a Volunteer, Business or Non Profit Organization today.

Volunteering is about to became a whole lot more rewarding.


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