KarmaHub connects Volunteers, Non Profits, and Big Brands in a Discount Driven Economy for Good

Going to a ball game or concert? Planning a getaway weekend? Volunteer locally and use your Karma Tokens anywhere in the KarmaHub Ecosystem for huge discounts on tickets, travel, streaming services, and more!

Each hour of volunteering at any KarmaHub Certified Non Profit Organization is rewarded with a digital Karma Token – worth around $10 dollars in discounts, depending on the location of your volunteering.  Karma Tokens are equal in value to the hourly minimum wage in the location in which the KarmaHub Certified Volunteering event took place.

Karma Tokens can be combined or gifted to others through the Karma Farm, in unlimited amounts— for huge discounts on everything from big ticket items, to everyday purchases.

From plane tickets, to pizza….

From car rentals to shows…

From groceries to streaming services, 

Karma Tokens can be used at any of our partner brands storefronts or eccommerce sites.

Sign up as a Volunteer, Non-Profit or Busuiness Partner today by joining our obligation free waitlist.

Volunteering is about to become even more rewarding.


KarmaHub Volunteer Economy