The Heart Star

One of the symbols that KarmaHub uses to spread positive vibrations and individual responsibility is the Heart-Star.

The Heart Star has an interesting history that dates back to the early 1970s. 

It was originally used in Toronto’s promotion called Toronto Affectionately Yours. The heart symbol, designed by infamous Toronto artist Ivaan Kotulsky, was worn along with a Sherriff badge.

Kotulsky was commissioned to integrate the two designs, and the Heart Star logo was born.

The logo became the symbol of the Responsibility to do Good and is exemplified by the motto “Harmony through Understanding and Goodwill”, or HUG, for short.

The Honorary Sherriff Organization, which expanded to 35 countries in the 1970s, promoted the philosophy that there is a positive energy pervading the universe and that we have the power to choose to focus on the positive aspects of ideas and issues.

This positive energy has been identified as love and can be best experienced through the lens of Einstein’s meditations on the equation E=mc², which equates energy with love, (or E=mc²=Love)

In the context of quantum physics, love is seen as the unifying force that connects everything in the universe.

The Heart Star logo has been used in various configurations since its inception, beginning with the Honorary Sherriff Brochure and the Friendship Penny.

It was also featured in events such as the Spirit of Yorkville and the Ice Festival in Huntsville in the early ’80s.

The logo was also used in the VC CHESS Board, Santana’s Coffee, and the Village of Yorkville Voice newspaper, among other things and was copyrighted and trademarked in New York City during the 1970s.

The Heart Star is is now recognized as the logo of the UN Office of the Future, representing the spread of positive vibes across the globe.

It is hoped that the logo will help explain the concept of “Karma” to the world and embody the philosophy of spreading positive energy and individual responsibility.

Furthermore, the Rock in Yorkville serves as a powerful symbol of unity for all tribes and nations, having been consecrated to represent the coming together of all people.

The Heart Star logo is a powerful symbol that connects KarmaHub’s mission to the positive energy of the Universe, the indigenous peoples of the land, and the spreading of positive vibrations alongside individual responsibility.

By using this logo, KarmaHub is aligning itself with a philosophy that emphasizes positivity, harmony, and understanding through goodwill, and it is spreading this message to the world through its platform.

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Volunteering is about to became a even more rewarding.

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